Hi I am Sharda

Dutch, born in Surinam, grew up in Holland, currently residing in Spain with husband Cor de Haan 

Growing up in a large family is not always easy. In my childhood and throughout my youth I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible; I stayed in the background and was quiet. Only later did I discover that this silence was purely for self-protection. I went through it all; the feeling of not being good enough, of being rejected and of always having to push myself to the limit. Subconsciously I wanted to leave home early and dreamed of a life that resembled freedom.

It wasn’t until I left home and moved in with my boyfriend that I experienced another life, a life of trust, love and caring. Therapy revealed that I had hidden a very large part of my youth away and that I did not consider myself worthy. I had difficulty setting boundaries and became a pleaser and protector.

Through studies, mentoring, NLP and coaching I gained more confidence. It was alarming yet liberating to realize that I was limiting myself. These limiting believes in combination with my busy life caused me a lot of stress, worries and anxiety. 

At my late 40s, I found myself feeling mentally terrible, even though I was living a healthy lifestyle. I struggled with my own identity tremendously. At that time also my job at a commercial company was not easy to handle, which was obviously something I was responsible for. I decided to quit and take some time out. This welcoming time out was my next study on Yoga.

the yoga teacher training was quite intensive and relaxing at the same time. I am deeply grateful for my experiences in both Ayurveda and Yoga in India

Back home in  the Netherlands I started my own coaching practice along with ayurvedic massages and yoga classes.

In 2022 the big step towards our  dream began. A new home abroad. After an intensive search my husband and I bought our house on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Through a major renovation and expansion we realized our dream home.

Travelling over the years have helped me to gain more insight and experience real freedom. I have seen the real beauty in people. Ayurveda, Yoga, Coaching and NLP brought me back to health, wisdom and simplicity. They helped me overcome emotional and physical imbalances in my body and mind. I am honoured to be able to bring all the wisdom I gained through my studies in both India and the Netherlands for the past decade and share it with you. Because I am now in charge of my life, I experience more inner peace, joy and happiness. This is exactly what I wish for all women. I want you to create your own happiness in body and mind. You deserve to be healthy and happy. Come and visit us at Casa Bermuda.

This is also me: I love helping people, nature, travel, my hubby, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, playing padel, reading books, peanut butter and delicious food

“My ancestors are from India and although I was born in Surinam, I consider India to be the country of my roots. I’ve always been attracted to India and for me it was not a surprise to attend classes and studying Yoga and Ayurveda, in addition to the various holildays I spent there”.

Certifications and Trainings

  • 2020 Mind-Walk Trainer, Mind-Walk  * 2020  Yoga Teacher Training – Jiva Yoga Academy, India, Rishikesh* 2020 Yin Yoga teacher – Yin international, India Rishikesh * 2020 Reiki 1 & 2 – Rogerio, India, Rishikesh * 2020 Thai Yoga Massage – Haritha Ayurveda, India, Rishikesh * 2019 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) –  UNLP * 2019 Emotional Blockage Therapy (EBM) – Thai Dee * 2019 Mindfulness –  UNLP * 2019 NLP Trainer (UNLP) * 2018 Coaching (ICM) * 2017 NLP Master (Mind Academy) * 2012 Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapist (AMPT) – India, Kerala * 2012 Yoga therapist – India, Kerala* 2012 Ayurveda Beauty therapist – India, Kerala * 2012 Kalari Marma Feet Massage therapist  – India Kerala * 2000 Aerobics docente – Aerobicsworld AALO