I joined Sharda’s NLP workshop and I was impressed by its content and the way it was organized. The sessions covered furhter inspired me to strenghten my resilience when it comes to key life goals. I also enjoyed the interaction with other colleagues that the workshop allowed and I feel thankful for the key lessons learned when approaching a situation from a solution perspective. Thank you very much Sharda
I had a very good NLP training with Sharda through my work. Sharda managed to present the matter very clearly and passionately and there was enough space to experience it. I experienced that a safe environment was quickly created during the workshop.
I found the NLP workshop very interesting, partly because of the way the training was held. Sharda knows very well what she is talking about and has a very clear and lucid way of presenting.
I attended Sharda’s communication training. It was an educational experience in a safe environment, allowing everyone to express their ideas, wishes and feelings. It was a good opportunity for me to take a good look at what I actually want and how I can achieve it. This has already had positive results.
I started Sharda’s classes from 2021. I am very satisfied with her teaching. To me yoga is to stay flexible and train my muscles. The class starts quietly with breathing exercises followed by a series of exercises that gradually increase in intensity. This involves working on all kinds of muscle groups. By holding the postures a little longer, I can progress further in a posture through relaxation. Sharda explains very well what I should do and what I can feel and what part of the body I can relax. Highly recommended Sharda’s classes!
Harm van der Meer
The yoga classes with Sharda take place in a very relaxed atmosphere. She explains the exercises and their value well and takes the time to explain the postures. After class I always feel energetic and calm. For me, yoga is not only relaxation but also flexibility and there is also room in the lessons to improve your flexibility.


Due to external circumstances and corona, we ended up at Sharda after many years of taking yoga lessons from someone else. Sharda is a skilled teacher and we feel at home and at ease with her. The variations in the structure of the lessons are good and beneficial for our body and mind. The spiritual music fully supports that.
Jessie and Leo Brouwers
A new flame has started burning in me because you let me discover the beginning of the yoga path. Thank you Sharda and enjoy your new future in Spain. Love
Inge vd Ploeg