It is my mission to guide and lead you to your highest potential.

How natural it is for you to lead a busy life and to let go unnoticed of what really matters: you. Are you happy with the things you do and do you know what you exactly want? I take a holistic approach to coaching. My promise to you is that you can heal from the past and be more in the present. Don’t wait for the right moment, it doesn’t exist in the future. The right moment is here and now. 

Do you recognise this

  • You take care of others except for yourself
  • You are tired
  • You have a lot of stress and tension in your body
  • You are insecure and want to be more visible
  • You find it hard to unwind and relax
  • You don’t sleep well
  • Most of the time you are not happy
  • You find it not easy to set boundaries

Working with me will help you

  • Gain clarity and insights about your goals, mission and vision
  • Achieve ultimate results with more self-confidence
  • Feel more energetic
  • Recharge your battery and take more care of yourself
  • Radiate more inner peace
  • Discover your most powerful authentic self
  • Unlock your potential and step in your new life

What you can expect

  • One on one coaching which is the most efficient way to help you to address your specific concerns, be they mental, physical or emotional.
  • A deep dive into your inner-self to help you to regain your strenght 
  • Someone you can rely on, feel comfortable with, sharing your thoughts and fears.
  • We will close any gaps, discover new roadblocks and lead to your outcome; success.

My work as coach

  • I am involved and have a practical and in-depth approach.
  • Working with me means that I urge you to motion. We look at your whole life.
  • I disconnect you from your struggles so that you can experience your real challenge and potential.
  • I help you to gain insights and bringing these into action
  • I use various techniques and exercises such as NLP, EFT, systemic work in my coaching sessions.
  • Depending on your theme these can consist of writing assignments, mindfulness, investigation what comes into mind or simply applying what you’ve learned in practice.
  • At each follow-up visit we reflect on your experiences in ordr to take futher steps towards your ultimate goal.

If you want to work with me then contact me for an introductory consult without any further obligation. If we decide to work together we will schedule an intake session of max 45 minutes.

  • Initial Consultation 45 minutes: free
  • Follow-up Consultation 60 minutes: 75 euro
  • Package price 6 hours Coaching: 425 euro, paid in one time
If you want to reduce “mental waste” from the past and willing to create a future you truly want to live, then work with me. Let’s connect!